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This claim is more than fulfilled by the easy-to-use, high-performance cordless screwdriver with torque transducer and angle encoder. With a USB interface integrated into the foot of the tool, the TorqBee pistol screwdriver (0.8 - 14 Nm) and angle screwdriver (1.5 - 85 Nm) can be programmed freely in 100 programs. The user-friendly HST-Tool-Manager programming software guarantees quick and easy programming of the tools for the required situation. The screwing procedure, torque and angle control are selected in the HST-Tool-Manager. The very high sensor precision, better than 1% full-scale, guarantees exact and repeatable screw connections for the process and thus the premium quality of the products produced. The TorqSpeed (TS) screwing function, which has been registered for a patent, optimizes the process time; no other tool is more efficient.


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